Women’s Cycle Forum

Saturday 14th June, 6-8 pm Ukrainian Club, 14 Royal Terrace, Edinburgh map

Tickets £5.00 Book now (all welcome)

Are you tired of the old hand-wringing debate about why ‘women don’t cycle’ – usually conducted by male cyclists with reference to their non-cycling partners? Would you like to hear about the issues that matter from the women themselves who are doing something about them? Would you like to meet women who are passionate about cycling in all its forms, and make connections right across the cycling world? Would you like to come away inspired to change something yourself, in ways that you hadn’t considered before? If so, then – regardless of your gender – the Women’s Cycle Forum is for you.

Held as part of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, the WCF is an attempt to distil all the interesting parts of your average cycling conference (meeting great people, plotting in corridors, debating the issues) without the parts where someone in a suit reads their powerpoint slides at you. The format will be a semi-structured panel discussion with a series of round-tables, giving everyone a chance to have their say, as well as be inspired by our speakers. We hope you will come away with a clutch of new contacts and the inspiration to make something happen, from a bike ride to a national campaign.



14 thoughts on “Women’s Cycle Forum”

  1. theInelegantHorseRider said:

    Hello. This looks great but unfortunately I can’t attend, will you be recording the event at all?

    • sallyhinchcliffe said:

      hiya – I don’t think the format will really work for recording, but we’ll definitely try and capture the event for posterity in some way. We’ll also (hopefully) be continuing the discussion on our Facebook group (for those who do facebook) and on the website so please do sign up for notifications

      • theInelegantHorseRider said:

        Thanks for the reply, appreciate it. I will definitely sign up for notifications. Good luck with the event, sure it will be a great success.

  2. would love to attened but have pencilled in CTC Trail Leader course for that weekend. It’s a women only one. Look forward to hearing how it goes and interested in being involved in the future

    (CTC Councillor for Wales)

    • sallyhinchcliffe said:

      That’s a shame! Perhaps if the date gets changed you can still join us? If not, stand by for future events

  3. Is it possible to buy a ticket NOT using the Hub Tickets website, which is truly dreadful and results in endless dead-end feedback loops when trying to book a ticket for a second named individual? On the door, in person, etc. You know I’m good for the money!

    • sallyhinchcliffe said:

      Hi Andy – there will almost definitely be tickets still available on the day so you can just turn up and get them at the door

  4. I’m doing the Ldn to B-ton so can’t come…

  5. Will there be other forums further south, eg London, and if so when/where?

  6. sallyhinchcliffe said:

    We’ll have to see how this one goes.

  7. cyclecaty said:

    Wishing I could join you next Saturday – instead will eagerly await the capture of content in some form (non FB user)

    • sallyhinchcliffe said:

      We’ll put something up here for sure – and if you use twitter the hashtag #ukwcf will hopefully capture some of the discussion on the day

  8. From this video do not come off just bomber

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