Build a Better World Bingo Challenge #BaBWBingo

‘Bingo cards’ have become a negative thing in the cycling world, usually used to mock the cliches anti-cycling ranters come out with. But we’re reclaiming bingo with our Build a Better World challenge. All these actions came from participants of the 2015 Women’s Cycle Forum on the 13th June during our round table discussions. Whether you joined us in Edinburgh that evening or not, you can still take up the challenge:

Build a better world challenge card - click for printable version

Build a Better World Bingo challenge – click for printable version

We’re looking to see who is the first to complete a row, column or diagonal of our Bingo Card, recording their actions somewhere on social media (blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram …) with the hashtag #BaBWBingo.

There’s also a wild card action …

ditch job and travel the world

Ditch job and travel the world

That acts as your joker – replacing any square on our bingo card if you need it to complete your set.

Obviously, virtue and activism are their own reward, so we weren’t going to offer a prize. But Abi Wingate has generously offered a full bike service to the first person who completes the challenge.

Please share this post and your subsequent actions – let’s see if we can get making a positive difference for cycling trending!

Rules: (because there have to be rules)

1. There is no time limit for the Build a Better World Bingo challenge, it’s a race – the first one to complete wins. The clock starts now…

2. You must document your completion of each individual challenge you undertake somewhere online using the hashtag ‘#BaBWBingo’ and with a photographic record. This could be a blog post, (public) facebook posting, tweet, instagram, flickr photo, or something else we haven’t heard of. The main thing is that it has an address you can email to us (see Rule 3) and which is publicly visible and permanent.

3. When you have completed a row, column or diagonal of the bingo card, email sallyhinchcliffe AT gmail DOT com with links to the five web addresses where you’ve documented the challenge.

4. You can interpret some of these challenges quite loosely, but you must explain how you feel what you have done fits that challenge. We (Sally Hinchcliffe and Suzanne Forup) will be the arbiters of whether we accept your explanation. Our decision is final!

5. Anyone can enter the challenge, regardless of age, gender, nationality or location.

6. You can’t count any action retrospectively, but you CAN count something you would be doing anyway, just as soon as you do it again.

May the best woman (or man) win!

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