Women’s Cycle Forum – 2015

Saturday 13th June, 7 – 9:30 pm Teviot Row House, Edinburgh map Tickets £5.00 Book now (all welcome) – or buy tickets on the door

Round table deep in discussion

Deep in discussion at one of last year’s round tables

After last year’s successful launch, the Women’s Cycle Forum is back for an evening of discussion, inspiration and networking open to all. This year we’ll be hearing from women from two successful initiatives – Playing Out and No More Page Three about how they ‘changed the record’ and make a difference to their worlds – and then consider together how we can build a better one of our own. Whether you ride a bike for transport, fun or sport, or work in cycling in any way, come ready to learn and to talk about what we can all do to make a difference across the cycling world. Come away inspired, informed – and challenged – to ‘build a better world’. Held as part of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, the WCF is an attempt to distil all the interesting parts of your average cycling conference (meeting great people, plotting in corridors, debating the issues) without the parts where someone in a suit reads their powerpoint slides at you. The format will be a semi-structured panel discussion with a series of round-tables, giving everyone a chance to have their say, as well as be inspired by our speakers. We hope you will come away with a clutch of new contacts and the inspiration to make something happen, from a bike ride to a national campaign.

Road closure

Residents of Kenilworth Road, Monkseaton, Whitley Bay, who are enjoying having their road closed to traffic so children can play on the road


  • Carol Botten (Playing Out). Playing Out started from one deceptively simple, but transformative idea: why not close your road and let the children play? From there, up and down the country, streets have been transformed, and communities created.
  • Ceris Aston (No More Page Three). Topless photos have been synonymous with the Sun newspaper since the 70s, but this January all that changed – and all because No More Page 3 started asking that ‘ that women be represented with respect in the newspaper, rather like men are’.

Round tables / panellists

  • Brenda Mitchell, Cycle Law Scotland & Road Share Campaign; round table topic: making the case for presumed liability.
  • Abi Wingate, long-distance cycle tourer and cycling development officer; round table topic: cycle touring – how riding your bike can save the planet!
  • Lizzie Reather, cycle campaigner; round table topic: local cycle campaigning and soft power.
  • Briana Pegado, president of the Edinburgh University Student Union; round table topic: youth and civic engagement.
  • Katja Leyendecker, Northumbria University and New Cycling; round table topic: urban design – making and breaking.
  • Claire Connachan, Belles on Bikes; round table topic: “hacks and workarounds” to encourage cycling in current conditions.
  • Jan Brereton, Bikes Breaking Barriers; round table topic: making cycling accessible to people with disabilities.

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