Women in Cycling – Stephani Mok

Introduce yourself (and your bikes…)


Stephani’s steed …

My name is Stephani Mok and I live in Maryhill in Glasgow.  My steed is an upcycled Giant Rock – one of the AluXX 6000 series from Glasgow Bike Station.  I am also the grateful beneficiary of an annual NextBike subscription.

What is your connection to the world of cycling?

At the moment it’s mainly as a commuter.  These days I cycle for the adrenaline rush but I am also very much motivated to save carbon.  Also, with public transport from my house being not the best, it’s sometimes the quickest way to get places.

What got you into cycling? (or back into it?)

I grew up in Singapore in the 1970s and 80s and had delirious fun on bikes with my brother and his friends then “graduated” to commuting to school and college and classes in the hot humid climate of Singapore.

In  2013(?) I got myself a bike in order to commute from Maryhill, Glasgow to a low-paid part-time job in Paisley(18 miles both ways).  I loved my first  duathlon in 2014 organised by Westerlands cross country running club around Strathyre forest; in 2015 I trained for and completed a Scottish youth hostel association duathlon in the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.

Perversely it’s partly my husband’s antipathy towards cyclists’ and his firm belief that cycling in the UK is “dangerous” that’s kept me going.

What would you say was your most significant achievement (so far!)?

Being a positive cycling role model for my daughters in spite of my husband’s almost virulent antipathy towards cyclists.

What’s your biggest frustration?

Lack of enforcement of cycle lanes in the West End of Glasgow and car drivers who don’t observe the cyclists’ boxes at traffic lights.

Who are the women in cycling you’d like to hear from next and why?

Paula Gardiner, my former Ladies Club Captain, at Westerlands, who organised the duathlon which got me back into cycling. She is ever-generous with her time and super-encouraging towards beginners. I feel she has the skills and qualities to be a great mentor for women who want to cycle more. I speak to middle aged women who say to me, “ I couldn’t do what you do”[commute to work on Glasgow roads] and I would love to be able to empower them to feel that they can. I’d also like to put forward  another running clubmate of mine, Elizabeth Adams, who has been an inspiration to me.  She’s been on the BBC Adventure Show (2015)after surviving a rather horrible cycling accident.

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