Women in Cycling – Hannah Dines

Introduce yourself (and your cycles…) 

Hannah Dines_1

Hannah on her trike

Hi I’m Hannah- I am a trike racer who trains in Glasgow and races on the world scene during the summer, I’m also a wannabe scientific researcher and am trying to dabble in writing and speaking and am studying an OU degree in English literature and creative writing in a very part time way! I only have one trike which has weathered so many continents and climates. It is called Flash. I did have another trike which went to the Rio Paralympics with me – a snazzy race one which I named Ray but it got melted when thieves stole and crashed my car into a petrol station.

What is your connection to the world of cycling?

I was on programme with British Cycling and I’m now with Scottish Cycling. I’m 4th in the world ranking for my Paracycling discipline and have a very supportive road club here in Glasgow. Big up West Coast Velo.

What got you into cycling? (or back into it?)

The letter British Cycling sent out to my university looking for novice female bike, trike and handcycle riders with disabilities.

What would you say was your most significant achievement (so far!)?

Hannah Dines racey

The moment I beat a trike racer who had won the world championships before in a course my coach thought I wouldn’t medal in! Got the silver!

If you could wave a magic wand, what’s the one (cycling-related) thing you’d wish for?

Tarmac quality like Mallorcan Tarmac but in Glasgow and for a motorway to be cleared of cars just for one of my training sessions.

What’s your typical day/week of cycling? And what are the rides you dream about?

Follow a training plan- lots of wattbike specific sessions, 2/3 road rides per week, gym, crosstrain too!

Hannah Dines stormgirlDream rides: Any ride where you just feel full of energy, very fast, immune to the cold temperature and don’t bonk and where the pain doesn’t get to you.

I have had some great rides- No. 1 would have to be doing this long Bealach na Ba route up near Applecross when it was unseasonably warm and where the sea was turquoise, it took us near 6 hours but we had chips so it was ok, No. 2 in North Wales near Snowdonia, the climbs and descents were so wide and free of cars and I was with my British Cycling team but was the only one to finish both rides entirely, No. 3 up and down Sa Colobra in Mallorca- death defying, in Hawaii on a motorway where I was technically illegal- also death defying, the end of my course in Rio was great- right by this massive blue ocean.

One of the purposes of the Women’s Cycle Forum is to promote women who are in cycling and make them more visible – and particularly to see the end of the dreaded all-male panel. Would you be interested in speaking more on panels or at conferences and if so what about? 

Cycle path infrastructure for wider riders (with 2 wheels or alternate riding patterns) or to try and argue for trikes on Scottish rail services (currently not allowed), or the role in cycling in depression or in health

Who are the women in cycling you’d like to hear from next and why? 

Katie Archibald- great chat, Iona Malone  (WCV team mate) also great chat!