Women In Cycling – Angela Barron

Introduce yourself (and your bikes…)

I’m Angela Barron. I have a Trek Hybrid, a beautiful wee Bianchi road bike but I’m most emotionally attached to a rusty old BSA that was passed down from my uncle to my dad and then to me. I’ve almost always ridden boys’ or men’s bikes as they’ve all been hand-me-downs or bought second-hand, except the Trek which was a gift – my first brand new bike ever!

What is your connection to the world of cycling?

Work – I’m the CEO of bike recycling and cycling charity Recyke-a-bike (Stirling).

What got you into cycling? (or back into it?)

My partner gifted me a bike three years ago, as I wanted to get into cycling as cross training for my ultrarunning. I didn’t know I’d end up in a cycling related job soon after, graduate to clipping in on a road bike soon after and become one of the founding members of an inclusive cycling club in my home town.

What would you say was your most significant achievement (so far!)?

I have to say I’m most proud of the way Recyke-a-bike has grown and developed over the last two years, from a fairly shaky position to a much more sustainable model and respected service provider. Of course, that’s been a huge team effort and is down the brilliant team of staff and volunteers and I’m just very privileged to help steer things in roughly the right direction.

What’s your biggest frustration?

I’m sure it will ring true with anyone working in the third sector but covering core costs and the short term nature of funding.

If you could wave a magic wand, what’s the one (cycling-related) thing you’d wish for?

I’d like to be much better at training my dog so that I could take her out with me cycling as well as running – it’s just not practical and could actually be quite disastrous!

What’s your typical day/week on cycling? And what are the rides you dream about?

At the moment I’m very focussed on running as I’m training for some upcoming events but I will usually either swim or cycle once a week as cross training. In the winter it’s usually some street lit loops in my local area as it’s in the evening. Sometimes I hop on a Nextbike and cycle to and from local meetings – the hill up to the business park at the university is a good work out with only three gears!

I dream of riding up the Tak ma Doon one of these days – I’ve ‘run’ it and I’d like to conquer it on my bicycle too…

Who are the women in cycling you’d like to hear from next and why?

I’d like to hear from the young women competing in all the cycling disciplines – I think it’s really inspiring for girls and young women to learn about those successes and see the results that come from hard work and dedication. I don’t think it get’s enough coverage and I know I was totally oblivious to the concept of competitive cycling as a youngster, I hope the next generation of girls knows that it’s just one of the many things they can do if they want to.