As Edinburgh gears up for its annual Festival of Cycling we hope you’ll join us for two great events that we’ll be running to amuse, amaze and above all inspire you in your cycling life.


Come and share, whether it’s your stories or your food

On Friday 15th of June, we will be repeating our fabulous ‘Pecha Caka’ event at the Ukrainian Club – a Pecha Kucha evening, but with added cake. This kicks off with a pre-event workshop for those who’d like to give public speaking (and particularly Pecha Kucha) a go but don’t quite know where to start.

Last year we had wonderful line up of women, some experienced speakers and some stepping up for the first time – recounting adventures from Kyrgyzstan to closer to home, and covering campaigning, the law, and women’s lives in cycling. This year we’re hoping for a similar variety – we’ve already got some fab women lined up who we’re really looking forward to hearing from, but if you’ve got a story to tell, and you can tell it in just over six minutes and 20 slides – we want to hear from you!

The workshop runs from 5:30 to 6:30 and then the main event starts at 6:45. You don’t need to be speaking to attend the workshop, it’s there for everyone who thinks it might help them build their skills.

The event is free but please do bring some cake to share if you bake or a £2 donation if you don’t – Book here.

Continuing with the cycles and stories theme, the Women’s Read and Ride tour, run jointly with Cycling UK Scotland on Sunday 17th June is a chance to join epic cyclist Kate Rawles – just returned from riding from Colombia to Cape Horn on a bamboo bike – on a much less epic potter around the independent bookshops (and a cafe…) of Edinburgh. This is a celebration of women writing and cycling and writing about cycling (men are of course welcome to join the tour), and it will be an excellent warm up for Kate’s main EdFOC talk that evening.

The ride is free, but we challenge you to get out of the bookshops unscathed, so make sure your bike has roomy panniers. Meet at the Meadows for a 3pm start, finishing at 5:30 at the Pleasance.