As we celebrate our first official year – we really hope you can join us for our AGM and hear from our three great speakers, all in their own way women at the top of their game in the world of cycling. Alex Feechan, Anna Richardson and Daisy Narayanan will all be joining us at the Glasgow Women’s Library from 4-6pm on Saturday 19th August.

If you’re coming – please do let us know by booking your free place here – we have to know how much cake to bring!

Alex Feechan

Alex Feechan, founder of Findra Clothing, has founded a business on bike wear which is the antithesis of ‘shrink it and pink it’. Findra women’s cycle wear is covetable on and off the bike, performs seriously well (the Adventure Syndicate lasses wear it) and, most importantly, is better than anything the men can buy. Read more about Alex here.

Anna Richardson

Anna Richardson, Glasgow councillor and newly appointed City Convenor for Sustainability and Carbon Reductions has a huge job on her hands – transforming a city that is a byword for urban motorways and car domination into a truly human-scaled city. As someone who only started cycling to work a year ago, and who is known for her admiration for the Dutch cycle design guide the CROW manual, she has made all the right noises – and we will be watching with interest how that turns into a real difference on the streets. Read more about Anna here.

Daisy Narayanan

Daisy Narayanan, Deputy Director for Built Environment at Sustrans Scotland  (and recently Acting Director while the Director has been on secondment) is sometimes reluctant to blow her own trumpet, but she’s has been quietly forging away behind the scenes as a woman in the very male worlds of architecture and urban design. As the leader of the team delivering the bulk of Scotland’s cycling infrastructure projects, she has a huge influence on the shape of our towns and cities. Read more about Daisy here.