Thursday 15th June, Ukrainian Club, Edinburgh – Edinburgh Festival of Cycling. Workshop 5-6pm; main event 7-9pm

Scotland is full of women doing interesting things in and around cycling. We know this from our Women in Cycling interviews, our Facebook group, and from all the awesome women we’ve met in our travels around Scotland. But where are they when it comes to conferences and cycling events?


Are you ready to make your voice heard?

Part of the problem, we know, is that organisers do not take issues of diversity seriously enough, and so they don’t try hard enough to get a range of speakers. But we also know that some women don’t put themselves forward, whether because they feel uncomfortable about speaking in public (well, who relishes it?) or because they simply haven’t had the experience.


Come and share, whether it’s your stories or your food

Our Pecha Caka event, part of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, is a chance both to hear from all the fab women we’re missing as a result – and for women in cycling to dip their toes into the public speaking waters in a friendly and supportive event. Built around the Pecha Kucha format of short (20 slides of 20 seconds each) talks on a variety of topics, we’ll have a mix of speakers – from women at the top of their game, to those just starting out. We’re asking people to bring cake in lieu of an entry fee because sharing food brings people together and breaks down the barriers between audience and speaker (and also because we really like cake).

To encourage people to give it a go, we’re running an hour-long mini workshop beforehand. This will give participants the chance to practise and hone their presentations or develop a mini Pecha Kucha (just six slides) and – if they want to – sign up to speak that evening.

So please do come along and join us in Edinburgh on the 15th June. The workshop will run from 5pm-6pm and the main event is at 7. You can come to the workshop even if you’re not planning to speak in the evening, or if you’re not sure if you can. Or you can just come straight to the Pecha Caka at 7 whether you’re speaking or not. It is free, but please do bring some cake to share (or a suggested donation of £2 if you can’t).  Any surplus will be passed on to a good home.

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