Tay bridge

Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland founders Sally Hinchcliffe and Suzanne Forup are on their travels again – and they’d be delighted to meet anyone who’s interested in meeting up in Dundee on Tuesday 29th November (yes, sorry, short notice again). We’ll be at the Innis and Gunn Beer Kitchen from 5pm to 7pm to chat with anyone who wants to find out more about us – or just share stories of cycling in Dundee. Last time we did this in Aberdeen it was a great success, some good contacts were made and a few initiatives (including a possible Belles on Bikes group for the city) may well arise from it.

We’re also going to be at Dundee Gasps for Breath! on the 30th November, organised by Friends of the Earth Tayside so if you’re going to that, please say hello.