Round table deep in discussion

The first Women’s Cycle Forum event. 

When Suzanne Forup and I started the Women’s Cycle Forum, we weren’t entirely sure what it was we were getting into. We just knew we were sick of all-male panels, and women being talked about rather than listened to when it came to cycling. A couple of years later, with some great events under our belt – and having met and connected with an amazing variety of cycling women – we still don’t entirely know what we’re getting into, but that’s okay because we know that there are all these fantastic women out there who are just as passionate about women cycling in Scotland as we are, and that between us we will work it out.

Last year, we met with a few of these fantastic women (and talked to many more online) and agreed that to secure the future of the Women’s Cycle Forum in Scotland we needed to become a membership organisation, open to anyone, which would give us the ability to do more and the mandate to speak for women on bikes in Scotland.

In discussions online and in person we’ve agreed that the primary purpose of the Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland should be encouraging more women to cycle in Scotland, building a platform for women’s voices in cycling and developing members’ skills to help them take leadership roles in cycling, in all its forms. We will do this by organising events to bring members together, continuing to run the Women’s Cycle Forum Facebook group and developing this site, and collaborating with other like-minded organisations, particularly our sister organisation in England, WE Cycle.

On Tuesday, we will meet and adopt the constitution and then on Saturday 11th we will formally launch – with two great inspirational women speakers, cycle style blogger Jools Walker (aka Lady Velo) and endurance cyclist Lee Craigie of the Adventure Syndicate, who together illustrate the huge variety encompassed by the phrase ‘woman cyclist’. Thanks to the Women’s Fund for Scotland, this will be a free event – and will be a chance to sign up as a member, if you want to, and get in on the ground floor of something that – however or whatever it turns out to be – will above all be fabulous.

Join us!