Yay! The Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland will be launching on 11 June at the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling so get the date in your diary and look out for the booking information coming soon!

However, before we hit the champagne cocktails and get on with smashing the patriarchy we need to adopt a constitution, which will be our governing document as a membership organisation.

It sounds a bit dry, but a constitution will set out our core values and activities for the next few years, so getting it right is crucial. Suzanne and Sally would like to involve everyone in developing it. Specifically we want your views on our objects, powers, membership, money and the committee composition. Some of these were developed from the discussions at our last meeting in February. All thoughts are welcome so don’t hold back!

We have used SCVOs unincorporated constitution template as the guide for the document – if you would like the full draft constitution please let us know

Over to you – here are the questions we need to settle:

Name – Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland

We’ve had some discussions on this topic, and for practical purposes suggest we use ‘Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland’ to show that most of physical activities will be in Scotland, although we have global connections. We are working collaboratively with our sisters in England, ‘WE Cycle UK’  launching in May, as they recognise our distinctive landscape in Scotland and the need for separate but coordinated activities.

Objects – these are the objectives or aims of the organisation

a) To promote equality and diversity by providing a platform for women’s voices to be heard in cycling in Scotland

b) To provide a safe online and offline space for women to inspire others, share their ideas and reflect on their experiences

c) To develop the skills of women in cycling in Scotland as organisers, leaders, speakers or inspiring others

d) To celebrate the role of women in cycling, in Scotland and elsewhere

e) To encourage women to try cycling, including providing opportunities or information that helps women to support others to cycle

f) What else? Suggestions please!

Powers – these are what we suggest our main activities should be (the full list is very long and follows the template guidance)

i) Coordinate events and activities to bring together Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland members

ii) Maintain, moderate and create content for the Women’s Cycle Forum Facebook page and associated online accounts

iii) Speak on behalf of the Women’s Cycle Forum Scotland

iv) What else? Suggestions please!

Membership – who should be allowed into membership? Some suggestions:

  • Anyone who supports the objects of the organisation
  • Women* who support the objects of the organisation
  • Women and people that identify as gender variant who support the objects of the organisation
  • Women* can be full members, but men can only seek ‘associate membership’
  • What else? Suggestions please!

*including anyone that identifies as a woman

Money – some suggestions:

  • Membership is free – but an annual donation is suggested (the sum of £5 has been mooted), but not an obligation
  • Membership depends on income / professional standing
  • Membership is free but donations are welcome

 Committee – would you like to get involved? Get in touch!

Please let us know your thoughts on these issues, either on the Facebook site or by email to Suzanne.forup@cyclinguk.org

We’ll be collating all the ideas and comments together in a final draft for consultation in mid-May so that we can have an adoption meeting ahead of the launch in June.