The first UK Women’s Cycle Forum in 2014 was a positive response to the frustration that we felt about the exclusion of women’s voices and experience from mainstream cycling events. Whilst sitting through yet another #allmalepanel experience we decided to take action and give other women the opportunity to be inspired, heard and share their experiences. What came out of that was a dynamic network of women across Scotland, frustrated by the inability of policy makers to understand why women don’t travel actively and ready to campaign to change that. We are now a worldwide network, increasing in size every week, through the Facebook page.

We have always wanted to move on from the tired discussions about ‘why women don’t cycle’ and into a new narrative about how women are contributing to political and policy development, community projects, road engineering schemes, campaigning and new technology. We’d like to provide a platform for women to speak out from, challenging decision makers and showcasing the work (and the women) that we feel are ignored.

We’d also like to build on what we’ve started at the events: enabling women involved in cycling (as cyclists, campaigners, professionals, or as part of a wider interest in health, policy and the world we live in) to meet each other, share ideas, and support and encourage each other – in real life as well as online.

To realise our ambitions, Sally and Suzanne feel it’s time to organise the Forum more formally, possibly to a membership organisation, to allow space for the Forum to grow and develop further. We need YOU to enable the Forum to flourish!

We’re having an initial meeting at 6pm on Tuesday 2nd February at Clerk’s Bar in Edinburgh (note new venue!) 74 – 78 South Clerk Street, EH8 9PT Edinburgh – Details also on Facebook


Come along!