Last year’s inaugural Women’s Cycle Forum was a great evening, but we realised too late we didn’t do enough to capture the energy that had been generated in the room and harness it to actual change. So this year we gave the event the theme ‘Build a Better World’ and, as well as having our keynote speakers inspire and educate us on how they have done just that, we wanted to send everyone (ourselves included) away with a bit of a challenge. We thought about ‘pledge cards’ but that seemed a little cheesy for a British audience so I went off for a long bike ride and came up with an idea that was much, much cheesier …

Thus it was that last night, at the end of the 2015 Women’s Cycle Forum, we announced our Build a Better World Bingo challenge (#BaBWBingo)

Build a better world challenge card - click for printable version

Build a Better World Bingo challenge – click for printable version

The idea is simple. Just complete any row, column or diagonal on our Bingo Challenge card – the first one to do so wins.

If that’s too easy, then play the wild card:

ditch job and travel the world

The wild card: “ditch job and travel the world”

Cheesy or not, we hope that people won’t be able to resist a challenge and will have a go. Let social media be filled with our hashtag and the sights and sounds of women (and men too) going out and changing the world, one action at a time.

Ladies, the clock is ticking … what are you waiting for?