When we announced the first UK women’s cycle forum in Edinburgh, we got quite a few people from further south asking if there were plans to do one in England. We didn’t have any plans ourselves, but Rachel Aldred (one of our speakers) has taken the idea and run with it as part of the London Cycle Campaign Policy Forum Seminars.


On Thursday 23rd October we are pleased to welcome an exciting panel of policy-makers, practitioners, politicians and advocates for London’s first Women’s Cycle Forum. What that means: it’s a female-led event, not a female-only event nor one that focuses only on ‘women and cycling’. Our panellists will each come to the event with a question/issue/challenge/topic they want you to help address. The event will start with thoughts/introductions from each of the panellists, following which there will be table discussions themed around their chosen issues.

Confirmed panellists include

  • TfL Head of Surface Planning Lilli Matson
  • Chair of London Assembly Transport Committee Caroline Pidgeon
  • Award-winning Advocate Sally Hinchcliffe
  • Senior Transport Planner Charlotte May
  • Director of Wheels for Wellbeing Isabelle Clement

Here’s Rachel’s thinking behind the event