Thanks to everyone who came to Saturday’s Women’s Cycle Forum. It was a brilliant event and a great flavour of it can be found in this storify which captures people’s tweets and pictures from the night.

Round table deep in discussion

Deep in discussion at one of the round tables

We’re rounding up everyone’s blogs and recollections of the evening to get a fuller picture of the discussions at the individual round tables but for now (while I can still decipher my scribbles), here are the summary points each table made after their discussion:

  1. Cycling infrastructure should be good but above all it should be enjoyable
  2. Cycling needs to be built right into the mainstream
  3. We need to balance the benefits to cycling with the benefits to other road users
  4. We need to get kids on their bikes out of the playground and out into the real world
  5. We need to empower parents to cycle with their kids
  6. There needs to be less emphasis on ‘cycle porn’ (i.e. all the gear) – or at least don’t start with it
  7. We need to look at the culture around cycling
  8. Cycling culture and infrastructure is a bit of a chicken and egg situation – you need both to get the other! We need to be advocates
  9. People have no idea about the possibilities of inclusive cycling
  10. People do find the roads intimidating
  11. Some schools are actively hostile to cycling
  12. There can be an off-putting ‘machismo’ of the road – even from other women
  13. We need to defuse the sort of patronising cycling advice people get
  14. There needs to be more training on both sides – drivers too
  15. And finally: challenge everything!

And here are some tantalising hints about what each table was discussing with such passion!

WCF tablecloth_1

WCF tablecloth_7 WCF tablecloth_6 WCF tablecloth_5 WCF tablecloth_4 WCF tablecloth_3 WCF tablecloth_2